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Here are just some of the reasons to wear your baby:

* provides pleasure, warmth, security and sound, all essential to healthy development
* lowers the level of stress in the infant and parent
* holds baby, leaving the parent's hands for work and activities
* helps meet baby's security needs:
baby can feel, smell, hear and see parent
* develops a strong and secure attachment to parents
* communicates to children that they are loved, safe, secure and cared for
* allows children to be at the center of activity rather than being the center of attention, which is a healthy atmosphere for development of empathy, affection and a healthy sense of self
* enables parents to accomplish their day-to-day activities and still be in close physical contact with their babies
* is a natural soothing baby tranquilizer which helps fussy or tired infants fall asleep
* allows the baby to be an active participant in the walking, talking, laughing, movement and working of the parent

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